Hi! We are Shea and Melissa, a St. Louis- based, husband and wife photography team. We live for the art of photography and the timeless moments that we feel so privileged to capture. As professionals, we live for the beauty of fresh and timeless images that speak about the unforgettable moments of your life. Not only do we share a passion for photography, we share a passion for marriage and one another. Of course we each have our quirks when it comes to our art. Shea favors vertical photographs and is a genius when lighting any situation. Horizontal photographs catch Melissa’s eye as she seeks out soft sun flares to enhance the composition. Together, we feel so blessed to have such an amazing job that allows us to merge our ideas and work as a team. We look forward to meeting you and capturing some of your life’s happiest moments.

Sharolyn Hartman

I co-own Capture Photography with my little brother Shea. My motive for starting this business came from years of disappointment when leaving photography studios. I never seemed to get that unique, artistic image that I was hoping for when having my boys photographed. After a few years of taking my own props, and trying to get the nerve to ask the photographer to take the picture I envisioned in my mind, I turned to my brother. Realizing his talents and artistic nature, together we launched the business. We work together with our clients and encourage them to participate in the process, ensuring satisfaction. We are truly committed to fulfilling the desires of our customers. Covering their walls with amazing photographs provides me with great satisfaction.

Stacey Tieman

I’m Shea and Sharolyn’s sister and a photographer for Capture Photography. I have the pleasure of being a part of the bride and groom’s big day. I pride myself on making a personal connection with the bride and groom which allows them to feel confident that their individual needs will be met. I am drawn to the those candid moments that beautifully appear through out a wedding day.

Sharon Lovell

I’m the mother of Shea, Sharolyn, and Stacey. Just as I’m the mom of these three, I’m kind of the mom of the business too. My job is to make everyone comfortable and happy. You might talk to me on the phone or by email, or I might even deliver your photos. Basically, if you need something, let me know and I will work to take care of all your needs.